Another Hot IPO Pricing Tonight

Another hot IPO pricing tonight: I know, everyone has been excited about the IPO of Zipcar, priced at $18, opened at $30, closed at $28, and Arcos Dorados, priced at $17, opened at $21, closed at $21.20, but there's more coming tonight.

Sequans Communications (ticker: SQNS), a French fabless 4G semiconductor designer for wireless broadband (that's French for mobile phone chip maker), plans to sell 9.17 million shares at $11-$13. While that's a fraction of the size of Arcos Dorados, the wireless market has been hot for some time.

Now, if it only had the word Chinese in it somewhere.

Don't worry, that's coming: yet another Chinese internet stock, with a cloud-computing component.

That's right. The three magic words to IPO investors: Chinese. Internet. And cloud computing.

21Vianet (ticker: VNET) is scheduled to price 11.5 million shares at $10-$12 next Wednesday night for trading Thursday. They are a data services provider—they host servers for individual companies, but more importantly they are looking to become a powerhouse in cloud computing in China.

More next week.

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