Conditions Ripe for 'Upsurge' in M&A: Rothschild Exec

The conditions are there for an "upsurge" in mergers and acquisitions, Laurence Grafstein, co-head of mergers and acquisitions at Rothschild North America, told CNBC Thursday.

Grafstein has advised on more than $500 billion worth of deals in his 20 years on Wall Street.

"What you're really seeing is a turn in the mentality, and that starts at the CEO level and the board level. They want to pursue growth, and when you look at the fixed income markets, when you look at cash on the balance sheet, you look at globalization markets there is a lot of underlying forces driving it," Grafstein said.

In addition, he went on to say that people are sending more bear hug letters (an offer to buy a company) in different markets, which is an indication of confidence. "The fact that there are more letters out there is I think a symptom of increased courage and also a desire to force the pace a little bit of M&A—because it is a pressure tactic."

"You don't necessarily always want to receive a letter like that, and that's not to say that every letter is unwelcomed because you're happy when people are interested in your company, but it may not be the best time, it may not be the best circumstances and you like to control the agenda of your own strategic alternatives," Grafstein explained.

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