American Public Will 'Demand' a National Energy Policy

The price of crude oil will eventually cause the American public to push for a national energy policy, Mark Fisher, founder and CEO, MBF Asset Management told CNBC Tuesday.

"If the price of energy keeps going up, which it will, eventually we'll going to reach a point where the American public is going to demand that we do something about it," Fisher said.

When the American public wants to go hedge out their future and realize that the fear of rising energy prices being higher tomorrow is what's driving buying today, they will want a change," he added. "Sort of like house prices. For a long time people bought homes because if you didn't buy today, six months from now that house is going to cost you more."

In addition, Fisher said, if traders and speculators weren't in the energy markets and simply traded on pure fundamentals, the price of oil wouldn't be too far from where it is now.

"Traders and speculators, and money flows, can move the price of anything, especially energy, in a 24 hour time period ... In the long run, supply and demand and perception are what reality is going to be in the future and really dictate price," he explained.

Also, if there were no quantitative easing measures put in place by the Fed, the price of oil would still be relatively close to $100 a barrel, Fisher said.

Separately, after appearing on "The Strategy Session," Mark Fisher continued the conversation off-air about why he believes the recent run up in oil is a necessary catalyst towards revamping U.S. energy policy.

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