Elaine's Closing, Junk Bonds Booming, Death Derivatives Deriving


Elaine’s to close (CityRoom) One of the last great places for the best drinkers on Wall Street is closing.

Junk bond issuance is booming (Deal Journal) Likely to hit $13 billion for the week. Run for cover.

The days of abundant resources and falling prices are over forever (Jeremy Grantham) One of the world's greatest bubble bursters says this time it's different.

The “Excess Supply of Housing” War (Calculated Risk) Goldman Sachs says there are 3.5 million vacant homes. Deutsche Bank says there are only 1.2 million.

Death derivatives from Goldman, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank (Bloomberg) Help a pension fund by speculating on the deaths of workers.

SAC and Maverick go long Goldman, Havard selling. (Deal Journal)

Jamie Dimon apologizes for bad foreclosures (DealBreaker)

Greg White explains Bit Coins (Business Insider) Yep. Still a terrible idea.