Snark Attack

One of my less-flattering attributes is that I feel compelled to mock just about everything.

Rare is the topic I don't subject to sarcasm. I don't mock my faith, my gratitude for having safe, healthy children (though I sometimes lovingly mock my children), or stage 4 cancer (unless the person with stage 4 cancer encourages me to do so).

Everything else is fair game.

The internet was made for snark. Here we can crack wise on a grand scale. And if we're good at it, we can even make money!

One of the snarkier upstarts I enjoy following online is theHollywood Diaries written by "Temp X". This blogger purports to be a temp—"the lowest life form in Hollywood"—who bounces around the studios, with hilarious, biting tales to tell. But Temp X occasionally casts his (her?) caustic eye beyond Hollywood.

Take this blogpost suggesting Sarah Palin's new bus is a Jack-In-The-Box ripoff! That cackling you hear is my reaction after discovering this delicious slice of snipe. Please don't take my tittering as a sign that I agree with Temp X's views on Palin. I just love the fact that her bus looks like Mr. Box's truck! Fabulous!

The web is filled with such morsels meant to entertain shallow souls like mine. And yet, occasionally I come across an item which appears snark-proof, no matter how hard I try. Like a video I discovered through's Constance Parten. It's about a kitten and its mother.

Generally this would scream snark. Not this time.

Watch the video. As you head out for a three-day weekend which I hope you will fill with good times and good company, it's good to remember that some things in this world are just perfectly wonderful, like a kitten and its mom. For once, I'm speechless, not snarky. I'm left smiling, not smirking.

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