Bring Back Recess

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Spending a little too much time playing Call of Duty? Glued to Facebook? Too much Tweeting (hello, Congressman Weiner!)? Or just watching too much SportsCenter?

Some New Yorkers have started a web biz which they hope will get people out more. Can they make a lethargic nation start moving?

The site is called Blood, Sweat & Cheers, or BSC. The motto: bring back recess. Every day the site sends out emails to subscribers highlighting fun, offbeat, sometimes sweat inducing activities. This is no Groupon deal where you get half off on a massage. First, there are no coupons — yet. And BSC is trying to find the most unique, offbeat activities possible, like "a muddy obstacle course race", "Marathon Training Made Fun, Social and Easy", "Bingo at the Standard Hotel", or "The Ugly Dog Pageant." Put me down for the last one.

The site launched in April just for New York but will go national later this month.

How will Blood, Sweat & Cheersmake money? "You bring up a good question," BSC's Jonathan Ages tells me. His team is selling banner ads on the website and inside the daily emails. "By the way, in-email advertising sells at roughly ten times the rate of website advertising," he says. Future plans include sponsored articles which will be "clearly labeled as such," and a "group-buying arm" like Groupon.

Healthy Business - A CNBC Special Report
Healthy Business - A CNBC Special Report

But not like Groupon. (Though we should all wish to be like Groupon.)

"The world doesn't need another company offering discount haircuts," Ages says. "But it does need an organization that can hook you up with fun, playful experiences that you can share with like-minded people."

How's traffic? "We don't pay a lot of attention to site traffic," Ages says, which is code for "not much." He adds that BSC's "more telling" statistic is subscriber growth. "Our subscriber base is growing by roughly 15 percent every week."

In a world growing more crowded with new variations of the daily deal model, Blood, Sweat & Cheers might be seen as a guy's Daily Candy meets Living Social meets Men's get the picture. One plus — if you take part in "Marathon Training Made Fun, Social and Easy," you may end up with a physique worth showing off online to people you're not married to, but you'll probably be too exhausted to photograph yourself.

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