Activision CEO Bobby Kotick on Cross-Platform Gaming and the Competition


Activision Blizzard didn't host a big press event at this year's E3, but its games had a huge presence in all the console makers presentations.

I sat down with CEO Bobby Kotick in a first on CNBC interview right before Nintendo's big presser.

Check out my full interview with Kotick in the video clip.

While hack attacks are making headlines, Kotick says it hasn't impacted his business much. He stressed that while Sony is doing its best, there's no question that security is a huge concern and everyone needs to be more vigilant.

Kotick is bullish about the new Wii console, the WiiU, saying that it should get a broader range of gamers playing the console, which should in turn drive their game sales.

Activision's main rival, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccittielo threw down the gauntlet, saying that the upcoming "Battlefield 3" will be a real threat to Activision's upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Kotick didn't flinch, even at the suggestion that his new subscription service - for a fee - would put his console at a disadvantage.

E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo - A CNBC Special Report
E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo - A CNBC Special Report

He went so far as to suggest that "Battlefield" may be just a PC title, and not available on the consoles, which would put *it* at a major disadvantage.

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