Goldman Analyst Breaks Bachelorette's Heart

Bentley Williams on the Bachelorette
Bentley Williams on the Bachelorette

In case you missed Monday night's episode of "The Bachelorette" here's how an investment banker breaks the girl's heart.

This season's bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, cared deeply for investment banker, Bentley Williams. Clearly, he didn't feel the same way despite consoling her after she was insulted by one of the contestants during a roast.

“I came in thinking that Ashley was not attractive at all," Williams told the cameras, "I knew for a fact I wasn’t going to fall in love with her. I need to say goodbye to Ashley. The time is now. Heartbreak is worse than any illness in my opinion. It’s not just physical pain, it’s emotional pain… but it has to happen. The only other option that I have is to stay and I know that’s not an option for me."

“I’m gonna make her cry. I hope my hair looks okay,” he added.


Williams is touted as a "businessman" on his ABC bio although it is unclear what that business is exactly. In the past, Williams worked as a derivatives analyst at Goldman Sachs and an investment analyst at General Motors Asset Management, according to several reports and his LinkedIn profile.

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