Job Search Pro Tip: Porn Sites Need CFOs Too

On-set with Digital Playground Adult Entertainment
On-set with Digital Playground Adult Entertainment

Layoff season has begun and it’s no secret that there’s more coming. And with the shrinking of the financial industry generally, some of you are probably going to have to think about transitioning to a new industry. One where you can use your above-average interpersonal skills, process management expertise, knowledge of cash flow modeling, and I don’t know, I’m going to say maybe your familiarity with what goes on in the back room at New York Dolls.

Fortunately has a solution: hire a team of workers in Visakhapatnam, India, to send your resume to porn businesses looking to beef up their executive management teams.

From the WSJ:

When JobSerf six years ago first tested its services with a few U.S. executive clients, its Indian workers applied on their behalf to a number of adult-entertainment companies.

“They were porn magnets,” says Mr. Martin. “They’d apply to CEO and CFO jobs at every porn outfit out there,” says Mr. Martin.”

Or if you have a buddy at the SEC maybe you could have him help with your search.

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