Merrill (Hearts) Maiden Lane, Six Senators Are Ganging Up, And Wendi Dang Strikes Back!


Merrill, Citi, RBS bought most Maiden Lane II bonds (Reuters) Merrill at the head of the pack, with $1.14 billion of bids.

Bank of America actually has a good idea: shrink! (DealBreaker) OMG! Capital requirements are working.

Who Will Play Wendi “Dang” On SNL? (Forbes) Send NetNet your nominations!

The Gang of Six's plan (Washington Post) A pdf of the proposal.

Reasons to be Fearful (McArdle) Greece, Spain, Money Market funds, and some little fight over the US debt limit.

Ending Capital Gains Loophole Is Not A Part Of The "Gang Of Six" Plan (Clusterstock) Oh, Courtney, it's not a loophole!