The Clearest Sign Yet That We’ve Hit Rock Bottom

Market watchers are always looking for a sign of capitulation , that investors are crying uncle, throwing in the towel. In other words, hitting rock bottom.

Usually it’s a massive selloff or a move en masse into safer investments. (Yes, I’m talking to you, $1,900 gold.)

But this newspaper ad posted on Reddit may just be the surest sign yet that this economy has hit bottom.


It reads:

“FOR $ALE: Do (sic) to the down economy, I am forced to sell my collection of Star Trek portraits in order to continue paying for my World of Warcraft subscription. Each one is hand-painted by myself. Please call 603-570-****. If my Mom picks up, ask for Warlock.”

The “If my Mom picks up” is a little suspect, like maybe this is made up. Still, it’s kind of uplifting, don’t you think? Like maybe this ad, for real or not, is a sign that we’ve hit rock bottom.

Thank you, “Warlock” — and your mom — for offering us all some hope.

To quote Mr. Spock, may we all “Live long and prosper.”

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