Occupy Movement Is Out of This World


It's not just angry Earthlings living in the 99 percent realm. Middle Earthlings do, too. So do inhabitants of Tantooine.

Few parodies of the Occupy Wall Street movement have caught fire like those which want to expand the movement to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

"It wasn't glamorous but I had a steady living working on my uncle's moisture farm," says a protest sign held by Luke Skywalker. "My aunt and uncle were unjustly murdered and the farm destroyed. I was forced to leave my home and join an extinct cult just to survive. I am now a member of an upstart movement to take down a greedy corrupt establishment. I AM THE 99%."

Luke, it is your destiny. Even your grandmother wants in. "Oh, you bet your sandy a** I am the 99%."

Skywalker is joined in his outrage by his enemies, the Imperial Storm Troopers. "End Galactic Corporate Greed"reads one sign, while others say, "Get Our Troops Off Tantooine" and "Keep Your Empirical Hands Off My Healthcare."


Over in Middle Earth, there's a new movement to Occupy Mordor, "Because one ring should not be allowed to rule them all." (That made me laugh out loud.)

Another woman has written her complaint in Elvish. Translated, it allegedly says, "I spend every waking hour fighting orcs while Elrond and Galadriel eat lembas bread all day. I am the 99%."

All that's left is to Occupy Narnia.

Oh, wait...it's already on Facebook. One protestor makes a valid point, "Why does 99% of Narnia get to be ruled by four children? Bulls**t, I say. Shouldn’t Narnia be ruled by it’s natural inhabitants, the talking animals?"

Aslan for President!

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