CNBC Poll: Is Detroit Competitive Again?

It's hard to move the needle much, but America's Big Three are adding market share, driven by double-digit sales of cars and trucks.

Detroit Auto Show 2012 - A CNBC Special Report
Detroit Auto Show 2012 - A CNBC Special Report

The rebound comes as market powerhouses such as the American arms of Hondaand Toyota— along with outright imports — lose share.

Five of the 10 top-selling vehicles in 2011 are U.S. models. Two recent Ford Motor models — the Fusion and the Escape — hit the quarter-million sales mark.

Then again, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan and Volkswagen also gained share — and by a larger percentage — in 2011.

Rebound? Yes. Resurgence? Not yet. Detroit has enjoyed such bursts before, like the somewhat brief ascent two decades ago of the Ford Taurus, which soon lost its No. 1 spot to Honda's Accord.

So, are the big three competitive again?

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