CNBC Poll: Sin Tax on Fee-Based Internet Porn?

The porn industry isn't all beautiful girls all the time. Even the adult-entertainment sector gets entangled in legal quagmires and the stagnant American economy.

The Porn Convention - Adult Entertainment Expo 2012
The Porn Convention - Adult Entertainment Expo 2012

The industry, for instance, is battling the introduction of the .xxx suffix for porn-related Internet domains,on the grounds the concept unfairly targets their industry.

Another issue is sin taxes. With states strapped for revenue, new sin taxes — on items including cigarettes, alcohol and "strip," adult dancing, clubs — have been levied or increased.

On a national level, fee-based — subscription- or membership-oriented — Internet porn is big business and a rich target.

What do you think? Is a sin tax for users a good idea?

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