Joslyn James: From Mistress to Entrepreneur to... Saint?

Joslyn James, a porn star made briefly famous as one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses during his 2009 cheating scandal, is burnishing her image these days as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and mother.

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With seven years of sex film titles to her credit such as “The Real Housewives of South Beach XXX: A Pleasure Dynasty Parody” and “Porn Star Brides,” James -- whose real name is Veronica Siwik-Daniels –would seem to face an uphill battle on the image front.

Improbably, though, she has begun to succeed. James, 34, recently launched a nail polish line called Shameless. The colors have names such as World Tide and Autism Speaks. James said that’s because 20 percent of the proceeds for World Tide will go to Tuscaloosa, Ala. – still recovering from the April 2011 tornado that killed more than 300 people in seven states across the South. And proceeds from Autism Speaks will go toward autism awareness because James’ son has autism.

“Launching my own product line, and people understanding the history of why I'm doing it, I think that will open up people's minds about people in the adult industry,” said James, who wears her kinky hair partially shaved and multi-colored. “We're not all bad people. We made this choice, but it is our choice and you still have to respect us."

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Her venture into the mainstream doesn't stop there. "I've worked on a couple [mainstream] TV shows and a couple movies, I have a swimsuit line coming out this year,” she said. “People in the mainstream world know that I do porn and they like it. Some people think that porn stars can't cross over, but they really can."

James is also working the charity circuit. “I do a lot of golf tournaments,” she said. “I try to do things where I feel like I'm giving back. I don't charge for my time. When I go do clubs, I try to find out what's happening in that city and I'll give all the money I made that day [to those in crisis].”

Although she wouldn't divulge how much she earns, James did say that working in the adult industry is her primary source of income. “And when I launch my product line this year, I'll be making profits from that. I [also] make money from DVD sales. I do strip clubs and a lot of appearances in mainstream clubs."

What happened to the website, where she posted more than 100 racy text messages she claims were sent by Woods?

"That site is gone. It's done. It ran its course and I decided it was time for it to be done. I might reopen it, but it's not going to have anything to do with what it has. I think it's a cute website name still. I have my membership site coming out,, and I'm trying to incorporate the; it will essentially just be like, a blog of me talking to fans," said James.

So with all this serious work, what does James think about the course of the country? "I've been watching the [GOP] debates and I'm still trying to feel it all out,” she said, laughing. “Honestly, I think it's funny and I don't think it should be funny. Everything is so Hollywood and sensationalized and scandalous. Like, what are we doing?"