Wall Street History: NYSE Stock Still Around from G. Washington Era


In this second installment of our special series on Wall Street history, we wanted to do something in celebration of President’s Day.

And as we sifted through our research, we found an unexpected historical tidbit that we thought you might find intriguing.

There’s a stock that George Washingtoncould have bought and sold that you can still buy and sell today.

You read that right.

A stock that you can easily buy and sell in 2012, on the New York Stock Exchange, could also have been bought and sold on the NYSE as early as 1792, when George Washington was President George Washington.

What is it?

For the answer you’ll have to watch this video narrated by CNBC’s Tyler Mathison – it’s only 90 seconds.

And if you like what you see, we hope you’ll also watch the first installment in our special series below - Why Wall Street is called Wall Street.

Do you know?

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