Clean Energy Fuels CEO on Future of Nat Gas

As gas prices continue to climb, Cramer thinks U.S. policymakers may soon embrace the possibility of natural gas as a transportation fuel. Not only is nat gas considerably cheaper than gasoline or petroleum, it’s also 30 percent cleaner than petroleum and of great abundance in the United States, Cramer said.

President Barack Obama had long supported battery-powered electric vehicles, but now seems to entertain the idea of powering American cars with natural gas instead of petroleum. Obama first mentioned natural gas during the State of the Union earlier this year. He mentioned it again during an address at the University of Miami on Thursday.

If Washington is becoming friendlier to nat gas, it could be very good news for Clean Energy Fuels. The Sea Beach, Calif.-based company designs, builds and operates natural gas fueling stations across the country. It’s building a nat gas superhighway along the U.S.’s major trucking corridors.

To learn more about this company’s prospects, Cramer welcomed CEO Andrew Littlefair onto Friday’s program. Watch the video to see the full interview.

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