Stuff We Missed: Monday, February 27th

John Carney aligns with MMR — Disses Randy Wray (Mike Norman). There are about 62 comments dissing me here. For the record I should say, I'm way more libertarian than the MMR guys. Maybe I'm Neo-MMR.

MUST READ: Rody Boyd's investigation into how a high-flying, Mike Milken-backed for-profit education company is making millions from school districts to run schools that students are fleeing from in droves. (The Financial Investigator). Seriously, this is the best financial journalism I've read in a while.

Banker Leaves 1% Tip On $133 Lunch Bill In Defiance of 'The 99%' (Huffington Post) Class warfare!

MMT for Austrians (New Economic Perspectives) "MMT is consistent with any size of government."

10 investment lessons from Jeremy Grantham (MarketWatch) "Neither a lender nor a borrower be."