Stuff We Missed: Tuesday February 28th

Kate Middleton’s cousin, Katrina Darling, is a really attractive investment banker at Barclays. And a very clever burlesque dancer in New York City (Business Insider). Who’s up for catching the show on March 13th?

George Soros’ ex-girlfriend problems (Dealbreaker). Perhaps the perfect Bess Levin story.

Fitch on who’ll tap the LTRO (FT Alphaville). Cardiff Garcia explains it all.

Chase Plans On Caring Even Less About Customers With Less Than $100K In The Bank (Consumerist). As savings and reserves grow while interest margins vanish and fees are capped by regulators, you’ll see a lot more of this.

MMT as an ECB Alternative (Michael Hudson). The big MMT conference in Italy was a smashing success with thousands in attendance.

Shades of MMT in the Blogosphere (Heteconomist). Obviously, the mainstream Het is trying to exclude and marginalize me (Neo-MMR) and Joe Weisenthal (who is Post-MMT) by leaving our factions off this list.