Mark Fisher: Oil ‘Floor’ Set at $95, Sell Puts

A low price range in crude oil has solidified, leading commodities trader Mark Fisher said Wednesday.

“I think the floor in oil is set pretty much around the $95 level. I think you’d want to own oil down there, so just collect the income,” he said on “Fast Money.”

“Every time there’s a scare and the market gets flushed for one reason or another, sell some puts and just collect the income every month, and I think that’s the easiest way to play the oil market,” he added.

Brent crude traded at $126 per barrel midday. WTI was at $106.24, down 47 cents.

Fisher acknowledged instability in the Middle East but saw potential headwinds elsewhere, as well.

“I think that the real disruption is not going to be in oil but in the products — in gasoline and in heating oil — so to me, the refinery play and being long the cracks is probably a better risk-reward play than just being long oil above $110 if it gets there,” he said.

Earlier, Fisher also defended MBF Clearing against a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Commodities Trading Commission.

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