Jim Cramer: Why the US Is the Best Place to Invest

When you put what’s happening in the U.S. in context with what other countries have to offer, the U.S. could be considered the best place invest, Jim Cramer said Monday.

“We’ve got a stable government. We have low inflation. We have an economy that’s getting stronger by the day,” the “Mad Money” host said. “Our currency is the envy of the world, even if we keep printing greenbacks like they’re going out of style.”

So what should you invest in?

Cramer wouldn’t touch bonds right now, since their returns are “so paltry.” And since real estate doesn’t lend itself to mass buying, he’d stay away from that as well. Instead, he’d focus on equities.

Employment is returning, confidence is brightening, and companies seem to recognize that it must do something to make its stocks more attractive, he said. Just look at Apple’s new dividend or the dividends that are being paid out by Domino’s Pizza, Cliffs Natural Resources and JPMorgan .

On top of this, retailers are beating estimates and cyclical companies are raising their forecasts.

“The result? You get this run that seems unreal to just about everyone in America ... but when you put it in context of what the other countries have to offer... you can see how we might be considered the only real investible place on Earth," he said.

When this story was published, Cramer’s charitable trust owned Apple.

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