A Report From the Front Lines of Entrepreneurship

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“The biggest illusion about entrepreneurship is that it is a solo activity.”

That’s the brutal truth from Meg Cadoux Hirshberg, author of “For Better or For Work: A Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs and Their Families.” Her report from the front lines is recounted in today’s Bullish on Books.

Hirshberg’s husband is the founder of Stonyfield Yogurt, and her book is a cautionary tale for anyone who is thinking about starting a business. When you are part of a couple, and especially a couple with kids, she writes, “The family is sucked into the vortex that any business creates.”

Financial insecurity and distraction from family matters are two downsides to having an entrepreneurial spouse, she writes. But by talking openly about personal priorities and goals — for both the entrepreneur and their spouse — couples can toward achieving each others’ goals.

And, rather than try to keep work and home separate, she advises, find ways to collaborate in ways that can promote the fledgling business. And finally, and perhaps most important, she says, “Treat your spouse like your number one client.”

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