Starbucks Jolts Market with New Energy Drink

If you’re a Starbucks shareholder, chances are you’re a little anxious about the latest news from the company’s shareholder meeting

The java giant said it will enter the $8B energy drink market with “Refreshers”, a new line of beverages that combine fruit juice and green coffee extract.

Canned version of the drink will sell for $1.99; cafe versions are said to sell for $2.75-3.25

The developments come in sharp contrast to what investors thought Starbucks was planning – a greater emphasis on its core competency -coffee.

Earlier this month Starbucks announced plans to roll out its own single-cup home brewer called Verismo and the company expanded its partnership with Green Mountain for single serve coffee.

But the new Refreshers have triggered speculation that Starbucks is back to its old tricks – selling things like music – things its customers don’t want.

What should you make of it?

Largely the Fast Money crew isn't worried. In fact, they think Starbucks is taking a step in the right direction.

Trader Tim Seymour says, “I think it’s an exciting opportunity for Starbucks because of the distribution outlet they control.”

Trader Brian Kelly adds, “It’s a whole new execution of their strategy. I like it.”

Sara Senatore of Sanford Bernstein reminds the desk that Starbucks “revived a moribund instant coffee market with Via.”

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