10 Small-Cap Stocks Up Over 50% in 2012

Aidon | Stone | Getty Images

The S&P small-cap 600 index reached a new high Tuesday, as U.S. equities aim to close the first quarter of 2012 with their best performance since 1998 .

Similarly, the Russell 2000, another benchmark of companies with a market capitalization between $130 million and $2.97 billion, is trading 3 percent below its all-time high of 868.57.

Within the S&P 600 index, 24 of its components are up more than 50 percent year-to-date.

While the index trades 3.2 percent above its 50-day moving average, 58 of the index's constituents are up more than 12 percent over their respective moving averages — the most out of large or mid-cap companies.

Below is a look at the top performing stocks in the index.

small cap stocks 3_27.jpg

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