Women Defend the 'Creepy' Finance Guy

Source: fiverr.com

It seems I'm not the only one who thinks that the guy Jezebel labeled a "creepy finance guy" isn't really all that creepy.

Here's Jennifer Wright at the Gloss.com defending our man:

You know what? This may be a lifetime of being told to “chill” and “be cool” finally causing my head to explode, but some people are just organized and love making spreadsheets and it’s fine.

...If I were dating a bunch of people on Match.com, which I do not multitask well enough to do, I’d probably keep a spreadsheet. My spreadsheet would not be as nice as this guy’s (I doubt all my comments would be along the lines of “seems sweet!”) Some of them would be unabashedly horrible comments, and some of them would just be me scrawling indecipherable, made-up emoticons for fun.

:0–99 *8 *( That’s my emoticon representing the slow facial deterioration associated with untreated syphilis.

I’d attribute that sort of thing to romantic candidates I did not like all the time. While I do love making lists, I admit they are the lists of a crazy person.

Look, seriously, if this dude’s comments had been things like “great [breasts], but a bit of a fatty” I would be offended for all women everywhere. However, with the exception of the “jappy” comment, this guy’s comments seem pretty uncommonly nice. He legitimately just seems like a guy who is used to making spreadsheets. I respect that. Lists are effective. That seems admirably organized.

The commenters at TheGloss.com agree.

"I’d date this guy. We could make spreadsheets together for everything. I am not joking. And our children would be so organized and analytical!," one wrote.

"This guy seemed fine at first (if not really, very, fastidious) but he won me over in the response, by taking full responsibility but adding that the girl who sent it around owed him an apology," another wrote.

It goes on and on like that.

I fell into a conversation last night with a young woman who also thought the uproar against the spreadsheet guy was unwarranted. She explained that she regularly dates about five guys at a time. In order to keep track of who she has been spending time with, she color-codes her calendar. Some guys get their own colors.

Her interactions with them get colors as well. Yellow indicates a kiss, bright orange indicates what she referred to as "some sexy time" and dark orange means, in her words, "obviously we b**ged."

It appears that the backlash against the uproar condemning the spreadsheet lover has begun. Thank goodness.

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