Who's Paying What to Greece — and When?

Who's paying what to Greece and when are they paying it? I have received numerous requests to explain the payment schedule of the 172.6 billion euro Greek bailout package. That is $34.4 billion remaining from the first bailout, and $138.2 billion from the second.

Here it is:

1) The contribution from the Euro Area Member States (EAMS) is 144.7 billion euros; 112.6 billion will be disbursed in 2012, 17.2 billion in 2013 and 14.9 billion in 2014.

The contribution of each of the 14 members of the EAMS is based on their GDP weighting (3 other members--Portugal, Greece, and Ireland--are getting bailouts and are not contributing).

The 5.2 billion euros which the EFSF released today is part of an initial 39.4 billion first installment (they are only actually "disbursing" 4.2 billion euros of that immediately).

2) The contribution from the IMF is 28 billion euros disbursed in 17 installments of 1.65 billion euros each, beginning at the end of May, 2012, with the last payment made in February 29, 2016.

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