Playing The Next Big Move in the Market

On Monday, the Fast pros reacted to recent buzz about the various year-end targets on the S&P 500, including a revised target from Goldman Sachs released last month. They also talked about how the markets digested Monday’s dismal ISM manufacturing report, which showed contraction for the first time in two years.

Those fears, coupled with hopes for further stimulus from the Federal Reserve, sent the markets narrowly mixed into the close.

How should you position now?

Strategy Session with the Fast Money traders

Dan Nathan, the editor and co-founder of, believes the S&P trades lower. “It most certainly [will go] down,” he said. Nathan thinks the next move in the S&P will be generated by U.S. economic data and earnings, which he expects to come in weaker than expected. “This is very much a U.S. story,” he said. “We got some of the European issues — at least in the meantime — out of the way, and now we’re focused on a lot of data in the U.S. — and all of it looks pretty bad.”

Chief Market Strategist for Virtus Investment Partners Joe Terranova sees the market very differently. He thinks stocks are cheap and doesn't see how the S&P can possibly trade a lot lower given the current multiple of about 13.5. "You'd have to see negative earnings growth, not just in the quarter ahead but for many quarters to come for the S&P to drop sharply."

Others like Brian Kelly, founder of Shelter Harbor Capital, said the next move in the market is all about what comes next from central banks. “Now you have the hope rally, the hope of QE, the hope of China stimulus and the hope that the ECB will come in,” he said.

Pete Najarian of OptionMonster says if you're a trader pay attention to the VIX, Wall Street's fear index, which has been trading at elevated levels but more recently has pared gains. "Let that inform your trades," he says, suggesting that with less fear in the market, the path of least resistance is probably higher.

Posted by CNBC's Kirsten Chang

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