Can Chipotle Get Its Mojo Back?

“When a growth stock loses momentum, there’s no telling how far it can fall,” Jim Cramer said Thursday on CNBC’s “Mad Money.” Either the company gets its groove back — a tough task to accomplish — or the stock drifts low enough to attract value-oriented money managers. “And the value guys, they’re willing to pay a heck of a lot less than the growth junkies.”

Right now, that’s exactly what’s going on with Chipotle Mexican Grill Cramer said.

For years, CMG was perhaps the greatest growth story out there, he said, from the moment it came public back in 2006. “The stock made people fortunes.”

But two weeks ago, Chipotle disappointed with its quarterly report, and for the first time ever, Chipotle cited the slowing economy without really seeming to know why it was hurting its business. Same-store sales growth slowed to just 8 percent from 12.7 percent in the previous quarter. And CMG’s management said that unless consumer spending picks up, the stock could be in the single digits for the rest of 2012.

Following that report, CMG stock spiraled down from $403 per share to $316 in a single day – losing steam by 22 percent. And the stock has since fallen even further.

So, has Chipotle been punished enough or can the company “get its mojo back?"

To get the scoop on CMG, he chatted with Jack Hartung, CFO of Chipotle, on Thursday’s program. Watch for the video to see the full interview.

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