The Paul Tudor Jones 'Trader' Video Is Back

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Set aside a bit of time this morning to watch the 1987 PBS documentary "Trader."

It's about about Paul Tudor Jones, who was then a 32 year old trader managing $125 million. He was the oldest guy in the office. His chief economist was 27 years old.

The film is typically not available for viewing at all. Jones is said to have not liked the film and convinced PBS to stop showing it. There are rumors, which I've not been able to confirm, that Jones bought the rights to the movie.

Every now and then, this thing shows up on a video-hosting site. Today, it's on Vimeo. It usually only stays up for a few hours before someone takes it down. So your opportunity to check it out is probably about to pass.

Or click here: Trader: The Paul Tudor Jones Documentary from Value Veterans on Vimeo.

Hat tip to Linette Lopez at Business Insider for spotting it.

- by senior editor John Carney


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