World's Best Internship—Interviewing Porn Stars

Hey there. Feeling lonely in your dorm room? Looking to ditch your workplace virginity?


Well, it’s your lucky day, son. Free porn video-sharing site is looking for an intern.

The official ad is full of every dirty little porn pun you can think of:

“ is officially on the hunt — to snatch up a brand spanking new intern to do all our dirty work for us,” Pornhub says on its website.

Oh yeah, they go there.

“By tapping into the pool of young and determined candidates, we’re looking to groom one dedicated student from a workplace virgin into an experienced professional,” it says.

But wait, there’s more.

“We want someone who will rise to the occasion and take the challenge head-on. If you’re that lucky person, you’ll enter the real world with a real leg up.”

OK, I’ve had enough. Everyone out of the pool!

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Of course, the question we’re all dying to ask: What, exactly, would an intern at a porn company do?

The tasks include: Managing the @Pornhubintern Twitter account, temporarily hosting Pornhub TV, making guest appearances on Pornhub radio, communicating with the Pornhub community via social media and on the site, writing blog posts for the Pornhub blog and, wait for it –


Oh, and they say this in a totally believable tone: This is the first time they’ve done this.

(The internship!)

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Lest you think that all you have to do is think dirty to get the job, the requirements are actually quite — tasteful. They include: Strong communication and interpersonal skills, an understanding of social media tools, being charismatic on-camera, being articulate and being able to work in a fast-paced environment.

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But, of course, this is a porn internship, so they can’t help themselves:

“Note: A nice rack and lack of male genitalia is preferred.”

The application is pretty typical — name, email, etc. But then there are a few questions you probably wouldn’t be asked elsewhere. Your favorite type of porn, why you want to intern at Pornhub and what your dream job is — and why. Oh yeah, and you have to send a photo.

To tell them why you’re the best person for this position (hey, their words, not mine), go to — That page is safe for work but consider yourself warned: The main page, and pretty much every other page on the site (not that I looked at TOO many) are NSFW.

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My only question is: How would you explain this internship opportunity to your parents?!

They said the internship would be tasteful!

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