Kudlow: Obama to Pin Libya on Hillary Clinton?

According to proprietary reporting from Ed Klein, Bill Clinton is concerned that Barack Obama is about to throw Hillary Clinton under the bus.

Kudlow: Obama to Pin Libya on Hillary Clinton?
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On The Kudlow Report , Klein said that President Clinton is reaching out to friends in the legal profession trying to figure out what his wife should do if she's subpoenaed - called in to testify about events in Libya . Joe Klein went on to say if you listen to the language used by Joe Biden in the debate closely – Bill Clinton's move may be more than simply precautionary.

"Biden said something like we were unaware – nobody told us. What does that say? The only person who did know is Hillary Clinton, " explained Klein.

"This is exactly what Bill Clinton was afraid of, " he added. The administration is going to pin the whole thing on Hillary.

In recent days the administration has come under scrutiny for the way in which it released information about the Libya attacks to the American public.

On September 11, 2012 Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and the other Americans were killed after Islamist gunmen attacked the U.S. consulate and a safe house refuge in Benghazi.

At the time the White House called the attack a spontaneous event; in response to a film that portrayed Muslim in an unflattering light.

Republicans charge the White House deliberately misled the people, knowing it was an act of terror. They say the decision was political, that Obama didn't want to disclose that al-Qaeda had made a comeback in Libya.

In response to these charges, the White House has denied any intentional cover-up and counters that it has been completely transparent – providing its best intelligence on the attack, and then refining it as more information came to light.

The FBI is still investigating the attack. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also has named a State Department review panel to look into the security arrangements in Libya.

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