Don’t Bolt from This Market: Cramer

Don’t Bolt from This Market: Cramer

Other pros may advocate running for the exits, but not Cramer. Not after this.First, yesterday, retail sales for September increased 1.1 percent, beating expectations after an upwardly revised 1.2 percent rise in August."Those are the best back to back numbers in two years, " explained Cramer.

Then today, the Federal Reserve said U.S. industrial production increased 0.4 percent in September after a 1.4 percent decline in August.

Cramer doesn't believe these positive data points are anomalies.

Looking at retail sales, "They may have surprised the market, but they didn't surprise me because we've been getting some remarkable data points that simply weren't showing up in the broader numbers until now. Think about it. How many times have I come out here and said that we've got some terrific numbers from Wal-Mart, from Costco, from Gap, from Macy's, from Home Depot, from Urban Outfitters, from Target, from Amazon, " exclaimed the Mad Money host.

For further proof, Cramer pointed to auto sales .

"We're on pace to sell 14.8 million autos this year, that's up from 12 million a year ago, 10 million two years ago, and just nine million the year before. That's extraordinary. You can argue it's because the U.S. automobile fleet is real old, the oldest in 11 years. You can say that people need new cars that get better gas mileage. But what matters is that these sales are huge, boom-time level figures even, and the gloom doesn't fit with the boom."

Looking at the manufacturing data, Cramer finds the data equally bullish.

"We hear about how all of our trading partners are struggling. We know Europe's weak. We know Asia isn't as strong as it was."

"But, we also know that construction's gotten better, we see that from the demand for housing. We know that ouroil bonanza has caused a huge amount of infrastructure demand. We know that our natural gas glut has caused companies to start building plants to take advantage of our lowest cost supply of the stuff, " said Cramer.

All told, Cramer sees the genesis of a recovery - and as a result a stock market rally.

"One of the reasons I've told you to stick with this market, and not bolt is because the individual components of these broad numbers kept saying don't give up the ship, " said Cramer "These industrial production and retail numbers confirm my analysis that the reality's pretty darn good!"

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