If Romney Wins, Wealthy Will Spend, Invest More: Poll

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Call it a threat or a promise.

A new poll shows that affluent business leaders plan to invest more, spend more and put more money into their businesses if Mitt Romney wins the election. If Obama wins, many plan to pull back their spending and investing – which could create fewer jobs.

The poll – by the non-partisan Harrison Group and American Express Publishing – found that 39 percent of business leaders surveyed will increase their investments in their companies if Romney is elected. Only 8 percent said they would lower their investments under Romney.

An Obama victory would look different, they say. Fully 32 percent would decrease their investments if Obama is elected, while 20 percent said they would increase them. (Read more: Rich Exiting France Leave Behind Real-Estate Bargains )

Similar numbers show up on questions about the stock market. About a third would increase their stock investments under Romney, while 37 percent would lower their investments under Obama. (10 percent would increase their stock investments under Obama and 17 percent would decrease their investments under Romney).

With personal spending, 27 percent would increase their spending under Romney – twice the number of people who would decrease it under Romney. Under Obama 32 percent would shrink their spending.

In other words, business leaders say are about twice as likely to spend and invest (which would create jobs) under Romney than Obama. They're certainly not doing much of either now. The study showed that the One Percent are still hoarding cash and paying down personal debts rather than investing in job creation. (Read more: Do Presidents Have an Effect on the One Percent? )

Some will no doubt see the results as partisan bullying. But the same survey showed that One Percenters remain divided when it comes to the election. It showed 56 percent of One Percenters plan to vote for Romney while 44 percent said they will vote for Obama.

So the study group was both Democrats and Republicans.

Jim Taylor of the Harrison Group said that the numbers show that the wealthy are more likely to be risk-friendly under Romney. He said taxes play less of a role, even though Obama has pledged to raise them for the wealthy.

"It's a risk-management issue for the wealthy, " Taylor said. "It's not a tax issue. It's a preservation of assets issue. They believe that under Romney the economic climate will be less risky."

-By CNBC's Robert Frank
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