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  Friday, 17 Aug 2012 | 11:09 AM ET

Still Fiddling While the 'Fiscal Cliff' Gets Closer: Bartiromo

With the Republican National Convention kicking off in less than two weeks, and Mitt Romney's pick for vice president — Paul Ryan — figuring prominently, there is a clear message to the American people that this ticket will keep a sustainable budget and meaningful debt cutting at the top of the agenda. (Related Link: Chris Christie to Deliver GOP Convention Keynote .)

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  Sunday, 20 May 2012 | 10:36 PM ET

Nasdaq CEO Explains Facebook IPO's Bungle

Posted By Maria Bartiromo
  Wednesday, 1 Feb 2012 | 4:48 PM ET

Nasdaq CEO on Earnings, Facebook, NYSE-Deutsche Deal Blocked

Posted ByLulu Chiang

Nasdaq OMX posted its second-best quarter ever on a non-GAAP basis Wednesday, in a declining volume environment.

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  Tuesday, 10 Jan 2012 | 6:16 PM ET

Inside the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference

Posted ByLulu Chiang

The JPMorgan Healthcare Conference is the biggest health care investing event of the year. About 9,000 attendees walking in and out of meeting rooms here at the St. Francis — Westin in San Francisco. This is where attendees (investors) figure out where they’re going to put their money in the year.

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  Monday, 9 Jan 2012 | 6:36 PM ET

One-on-One With JPMorgan's Dimon

Posted ByLulu Chiang

At the 30th Annual JPMorgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, Chairman & CEO Jamie Dimon outlined his views on the economy, Europe and banking stress tests for 2012 in a CNBC Exclusive with Maria Bartiromo.

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  Monday, 9 Jan 2012 | 4:08 PM ET

Sony's Stringer: ‘Decks Are Cleared’

Posted ByLulu Chiang
Sony Corporation Chairman, CEO and President Howard Stringer
Getty Images
Sony Corporation Chairman, CEO and President Howard Stringer

Shares of Sony have lost half its value in the past year. The company was hit on all fronts, drop in stock price, market share and natural disasters.

Maria Bartiromo spoke exclusively with CEO Howard Stringer about all these issues and about speculation of management changes at Sony.

On Friday, the Nikkei Business Daily reported that Kazuo Hirai will take over as Sony President, leaving Stringer as Chairman and CEO. Stringer responded, “It hasn't been approved yet. The succession planning in that arena is my responsibility and, as you know, I started as Chairman and CEO, and I'm simply returning to that.” When Maria pushed Stringer if this will take in effect in April, Stringer said “we need a board meeting for that.”

“Glass Half Empty, Glass Half Full" Scenario

2011 was a tough year for Sony with the stock down 50%. Natural disasters struck; Japan’s earthquake and floods in Thailand had a huge impact on Sony’s suppliers. Sony also lost ground to competitors like Samsung and Panasonic on the TV front. Stringer sees it as “glass half empty, glass half full” scenario. Stringer said Sony is still facing the reality of shortages. But now, “everything's cleared, the decks are cleared,” Stringer said. “We've done the Sony-Ericsson deal. We've moved away from the Samsung joint venture. So we think we're now ready to concentrate on a new year. Unless meteorites shower on us, I think we'll be back in business again, and we're rather looking forward to it. This is kind of a kickoff to a brand-new year,” Stringer added.

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  Tuesday, 11 Oct 2011 | 10:12 AM ET

Economy Delays Boomers' Plans to Sell Homes: Survey

Posted ByLulu Chiang
In a survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate, results found that 9 out of 10 brokers said “the economy is delaying baby boomers’ plans to sell their homes, compared to a few years ago.” »Read more
  Thursday, 6 Oct 2011 | 5:51 PM ET

Google’s Schmidt Remembers Steve Jobs

Posted ByLulu Chiang
Eric Schmidt is known for building up one of the greatest American tech companies — Google. But the tech icon also has brushed elbows for years with Steve Jobs after sitting on the board of Apple after the start of the Apple Stores. Schmidt joined CNBC in a one-on-one interview at the New York Stock Exchange in remembrance of Jobs. »Read more
  Thursday, 6 Oct 2011 | 4:45 PM ET

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Remembers Steve Jobs

Posted ByLulu Chiang
Alwaleed has a 5% stake in Apple shares and has known Steve Jobs for many years. The Saudi Prince shared his thoughts about Jobs and his impact on the world with Maria Bartiromo. »Read more
  Thursday, 6 Oct 2011 | 2:34 PM ET

ExxonMobil's Rex Tillerson Looks to Put Cash to Work

Posted ByLulu Chiang
ExxonMobil is the largest company by market cap on S&P 500. Year-to-date the stock has been flat, outperforming S&P 500 which is down about 8%. Maria Bartiromo interviewed Rex Tillerson, Chairman & CEO ExxonMobil at the “Washington Ideas Forum” hosted by the Atlantic today. »Read more