Listing Impossible

Aaron Kirman and his team's genius lies in their willingness to speak truth to money. On "Listing Impossible" they show the homeowners the error of their ways – whether they want to see it or not. If the owner thinks his garish décor is an asset and not a liability…Aaron will set him straight. If the owner insists her home should be marketed to the young celebrity crowd simply because she too was once a young celebrity, Aaron will let her know just how wrong she is – and why. And if the owner believes the home is worth $2 million more than the market will bear simply because she raised her kids there and isn't quite ready to sell…Aaron will get her to see that she needs to let go.

There are things that most real-estate-agents-to-the-rich won't say. Aaron and his team – not so much.

Check out "Listing Impossible" coming soon to CNBC.