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  • President cancels planned summit with Putin

    NBC's Steve Handelsman reports on President Barack Obama's decision to cancel his trip to Moscow to visit with President Vladimir Putin. Providing perspective are Don Jensen of the Johns Hopkins Center for Transatlantic Relations, Peter Brookes of the Heritage Foundation; and Leon Aron, director of Russian studies at the American Enterprise Institute.

  • Obama gives Putin the cold shoulder

    After granting NSA leaker Edward Snowden asylum; President Obama cancelled a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin today. Mark Galeotti, NYU professor; and David Gordon, Eurasia Group, share if they think cancelling was the right thing to do.

  • NSA's Alexander opens up

    NSA chief General Keith Alexander discusses Sen. Wyden's remarks, hecklers and what he thinks should happen to leaker Edward Snowden. With CNBC's Eamon Javers.

  • NSA head on surveillance programs

    NSA head Gen. Keith Alexander at the Black Hat conference discusses the NSA's role in surveillance. It's important, he says, to understand the strict oversight that goes on in these programs.

  • Rep. Justin Amash

    Furious lobbying and last-minute pleas to lawmakers ensured victory for the Obama administration as the House voted 217-205 to spare the NSA program.

  • Eric Schmidt

    Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is all fired up about Motorola's launch of the Moto X smartphone. At Sun Valley, he talks with CNBC about its launch, immigration reform and the NSA.

  • How much are your private conversations worth to the U.S. government? Paid for by tax dollars, surveillance fees charged in secret by technology companies can vary wildly.

  • Edward Snowden

    The status of Edward Snowden's bid for asylum in Venezuela remained unclear Tuesday after the country's apparent deadline passed. NBC News reports.

  •    We Needed a Show of Goodwill from US: EU Lawmaker

    Sharon Bowles chair of the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, tells CNBC that the US spying scandal could take a toll on the US/Europe trade talks.

  • Edward Snowden

    The NSA tracking every phone call each American makes, and mining Internet data puts the President at the center of a new controversy. He, not Edward Snowden, is the villain.