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  • NEW YORK, June 19- Some U.S. insurers are turning to Wall Street's financial wizards for relief from the liabilities of their long-term care policies, posing a challenge for regulators worried about how new industry players will tackle the risks involved. "Some of those deals include nontraditional actors, which we question with regard to their expertise...

  • Former hedge fund manager Phil Falcone

    Andersons on Wednesday rejected a $1 billion all-cash offer from HC2 Holdings, a company run by former hedge fund manager Philip Falcone.

  • Richard Handler, chairman and chief executive officer of Jefferies Group Inc.

    Jefferies is backing a former senior SAC executive despite its own struggle with insider trading at an internal hedge fund.

  • Phil Falcone.

    The head of Harbinger Group had a miserable 2013 that culminated with him agreeing to an $18 million settlement with the SEC.

  • Philip Falcone

    Federal regulators are suing hedge fund manager Philip Falcone and his firm, accusing him of civil fraud for using fund money to pay his taxes and favoring some fund customers at the expense of others.

  • Breaking News: SEC Charges Philip Falcone

    The SEC is charging Philip Falcone & Harbinger Capital with securities fraud, reports CNBC's Tyler Mathisen.

  • Harbinger Fund Manager Falcone Hints at IPO

    CNBC's Kate Kelly reports on the details of Harbinger fund manager Philip Falcone's comments regarding a potential IPO and regulatory policies.

  • Sprint Nextel_200.jpg

    The wireless carrier ended its hosting agreement with start-up LightSquared, because regulators say it interferes with GPS navigation devices.

  • FCC Blocks Falcone's LightSquared

    The FCC has blocked a plan by LightSquared to build a new wireless network. Discussing what a LightSquared failure could mean to billionaire hedge fund manager, Philip Falcone, with Greg Zuckerman, Wall Street Journal.

  • Many of the world’s most powerful hedge fund managers are gathering under one roof this fall for the much-anticipated  conference in Manhattan. The hot topic on the agenda – apart from emerging markets, credit yields, and commodities futures – will be to see who’s really delivering alpha. The metric used to measure a portfolio manager’s added value; “Alpha” is also a way for managers to size each other up. Alpha is all about outperforming your benchmark, be it the volatile stock market, or simpl

    Many of the conference attendees are considered industry icons for outperforming their peers. Click to see the Hedge Fund elite, and how much money they’re managing.