Legislation Regulations

  • Mary Crowley of Project Kaisei, with some of the plastic trash picked up on a voyage

    With an estimated 100 million tons of plastic afloat in the Pacific Ocean already, ocean-borne plastics are a huge environmental problem. But new technology, consumer education and a long-term vision could be coming to the rescue.

  • United States Federal Reserve

    The Federal Reserve has not run out of options to boost the economy and must focus on managing people's expectations to avoid a prolonged slump like Japan experienced, former Fed Governor Randall Kroszner told CNBC Tuesday.

  • woman_working.jpg

    Women made little progress in climbing into management positions in this country even in the boom years before the financial crisis, according to a report to be released on Tuesday by the Government Accountability Office, writes the New York Times.

  • JPMorganChase

    JPMorgan Chase has notified federal regulators that it may seek to recoup the money it used to buy the assets of fallen Washington Mutual, or even more.

  • mortgage_loan_statement_200.jpg

    Have you been working to boost your credit score before trying to get a mortgage? It may not yield the payback you expect.

  • Financial professionals work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange at midday as President Obama gives a speech about Wall Street financial reform.

    Midterm election years are usually  before-and-after stories for the stock market.  "The before is almost always negative and the after is almost always positive," says Sam Stovall of  Standard & Poor's.  This year, however, could be different.

  • Wall Street sign

    Politicians are in full swing. Businesses are the scoundrels du jour and the proposals are flying fast and furious to regulate their behavior

  • Taxes

    For all of the political noise about tax policy, cuts, it is hard to make a convincing case that either cuts or hikes make much of a difference in economic growth or job creation. "I really don't think you can," says one economist.

  • tv.jpg

    Record spending in the midterm elections will provide a large cash infusion for broadcasters and other media outlets, as the industry struggles in the aftermath of the recession.

  • scrap_yard_200.jpg

    If the market in scrap is any indication, the US can recycle the fear of a second recession into a more positive economic outlook.

  • Gold

    As gold tops $1,300 an ounce, lawmakers in Washington are aiming to ensure that consumers don't get trounced by bad gold deals.

  • wallstreet_2_movie_200.jpg

    Back in 1987, the movie “Wall Street” inspired a generation to enter the world of finance. But within that industry, attitudes toward the long-anticipated sequel are surprisingly subdued. The main concern: that the new movie will be a platform for bank-bashing.

  • capitol_building_wallstreet_200.jpg

    The repo market was central to the dramas of 2008. One of the main reasons why entities such as Lehman Brothers collapsed, after all, was that investors fled from repo deals, because they became frightened about counterparty risk.

  • Why renown trader Mark Fisher, founder and CEO of MBF Asset Management, thinks now is the time to get into these asset classes.

  • Bill Clinton

    To chip away at unemployment, former President Clinton proposed Thursday on CNBC that employers with open jobs hire a newly trained employee whose education is funded by the government.

  • American healthcare reform

    The first big wave of new rules under the federal health care law goes into effect on Thursday, leaving many insurers scrambling to get ahead of the changes. The New York Times reports.

  • Fault lines in Spain's fiscal health were "exaggerated" by markets, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero told CNBC Wednesday, adding that a stiff set of austerity measures adopted by the country have already boosted investor confidence.

  • City of New York Department of Sanitation

    New York City’s quasi-military $1.2 billion Department of Sanitation is the largest such municipal operation in the world.

  • NN_c_suite_200.jpg

    Its the classic jumping of the gun — just when people start uttering the cliched words could they be seeing the "light at the end of the tunnel" in the real estate market, some economic data elongates the tunnel that the real estate market is in.

  • 100_bills_stacked.jpg

    Basel III may have a bigger impact than expected on Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.