Wall Street Richard Grasso

  • NYSE Closes For Storm

    Richard Grasso, former NYSE chairman & CEO, reveals how Wall Street is prepared for Hurricane Sandy.

  • Ken Langone

    The U.S. public education is reaching a crisis point and could destroy everything else around it if it isn’t fixed, Kenneth Langone, Invemed Associates chairman and president, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Tuesday.

  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

    Chris Christie had a lot of Wall Street's hitters pushing for him to run. But when word went out that Christie felt it wasn't his time, those guys had to go looking for a new horse to back.

  • The Uptick Effect

    A look at the role high frequency trading and the abolition of the uptick rule has played in market volatility, with Dick Grasso, former NYSE CEO.

  • Maria Bartiromo

    CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo had her first live broadcast on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange fifteen years ago. NYSE Euronext celebrated the anniversary with Ms. Bartiromo ringing the opening bell moments ago.

  • The New York Supreme Court's Appellate Division Tuesday threw out a summary judgment decision that former New York Stock Exchange Chairman Richard Grasso must return a portion of his $187.5 million compensation package, and the New York attorney general's office says it will not appeal the decision.

  • The New York Court of Appeals upheld Wednesday a lower court ruling in a lawsuit involving the compensation paid to former New York Stock Exchange CEO Richard Grasso.

  • Jordan Belfort

    Jordan Belfort is the biggest Wall Street crook you've never heard of. He was the king of funny business (not in the ha-ha way) during the bull market of the '90s, nicknamed "The Wolf of Wall Street." I profile Belfort on "Business Nation" this month, and you'll learn how he created a brokerage called Stratton Oakmont which functioned like a cult.

  • Former New York Stock Exchange chairman Richard Grasso has won a battle in his legal quest to hold onto his $187.5 million compensation package.  The decision Tuesday by the New York Appellate Division in Manhattan threw out four rulings against Grasso that had been made by a lower court last year. 

  • New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo plans to pursue the civil case against former New York Stock Exchange Chairman Dick Grasso and his $140 million pay package, CNBC's Charlie Gasparino has learned.