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  • CNBC's Maria Bartiromo has obtained a Goldman Sachs memo sent to clients last night and today, responding to Friday's SEC's fraud charges.

  • Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein

    Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein addressed employees in a voicemail message, urging them to remain focused in the wake of civil fraud charges filed against the investment bank by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • The ratings agencies are more culpable than Goldman Sachs, Sean Egan, president of Egan-Jones Ratings Company told CNBC on Monday.

  • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

    With the Senate scheduled to begin debate on a financial overhaul bill this week, the fraud suit against the Wall Street titan Goldman Sachs has emboldened Democrats to ratchet up pressure on Republicans who oppose the Obama administration’s proposal.

  • Veteran financial analyst Dick Bove, with Rochdale Securities, sent out a research report Monday morning calling the SEC’s case against Goldman Sachs weak, but says the events of Friday could be setting the stage for another financial system collapse.

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    The executives had sought to balance Goldman’s positive bets on the mortgage market, rather than take an overall negative view, a spokesman told the New York Times.

  • Robert Khuzami

    S.E.C. Enforcement Director Robert Khuzami told CNBC that pursuing fraud related to the financial crisis is a top priority at the agency, after the agency filed a  $1 billion fraud charge  against Goldman Sachs.

  • Goldman Sachs

    As Wall Street considers the implications of the Goldman Sachs fraud investigation European governments and regulators are beginning to formulate their response.

  • Goldman Sachs

    Accusations that Goldman defrauded customers who bought investments tied to risky subprime mortgages have only just begun to reverberate through the financial world, reports the New York Times.

  • Want the real story? Cramer thinks he has it.

  • Take advantage of the declines in these stocks, Cramer says. Friday’s “scandal” won’t keep them down for long.

  • Cramer explains why Friday’s news won’t derail this market.

  • R. Allen Stanford

    The Securities and Exchange Commission knew that Allen Stanford was involved in a Ponzi scheme as far back as 1997, according to a report released Friday by SEC Inspector General David Kotz.

  • Financials plunged on Friday as fraud charges against Goldman sent investors scrambling. How should you trade the impact? What must you know?

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    The SEC filed a civil suit against Goldman Sachs on Friday accusing the financial giant of making "misleading statements and omissions" in connections with CDOs that were structured and marketed to investors.

  • According to his sources, the bank was long on ABACUS, not short.

  • Avon Products has put four executives on administrative leave, including three in China and one in New York, as part of an investigation of bribery allegations.

  • David Kotz

    A new audit report by the Securities and Exchange Commission's Inspector General reveals what whistleblowers like Harry Markopolos of Madoff fame already knew: the SEC's program for rewarding tipsters is badly flawed.

  • Allen Stanford

    The federal judge in accused Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford's criminal case says he wants some answers before agreeing to Stanford's request for yet another new legal team.

  • Stocks pulled off a gain Tuesday after a see-saw session as techs and industrials gained, while energy and bank stocks were weak.