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Steve Sedgwick

Stephen Sedgwick
Anchor, CNBC

Steve Sedgwick co-anchors CNBC's flagship program "Squawk Box Europe" having spent nearly three decades in and around financial markets, first as a trader and then as a journalist.

Steve has attended high levels international events for CNBC for over a decade including key G7, G8 and G20 meetings, as well as the St Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia and the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he also routinely moderates key panels on a host of subjects. Steve also led our coverage of the COP21 climate change talks in 2015.

In 2014 Steve was on the ground for CNBC in Kiev, Ukraine during the Russian annexation of Crimea and interviewed key players, including the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine throughout the conflict.

Steve is also CNBC's OPEC reporter, covering major meetings and interviewing top OPEC oil ministers, non-OPEC ministers and heads of bodies such as the IEA and EIA.

Prior to joining CNBC, Steve worked for the UK Press Association on the City desk and at Dow Jones on the European Markets desk. At Dow Jones, Steve regularly broke market-moving stories and was a contributor to The Wall Street Journal Europe.

Before his career in journalism, Steve spent 11 years trading in the financial markets, specialising in equity and bond market derivative products. In 1988, Steve joined Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (formerly Kleinwort Benson Securities) and worked as an equity option marketmaker before moving on to Credit Lyonnais where he became Head of the London option market-making team on Liffe.

Steve studied politics at the University of London, with a focus on world economic development, IMF, World Bank and WTO; and journalism at the National Council for Training Journalists.

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  • Gazprom Deputy Chairman Alexander Medvedev said that idea of an OPEC-type cartel involving Russia, Norway and Algeria are "fantastical." Meanwhile, CEOs are stressing their green credentials at Davos.

  • Reporters expecting to link global warming to a snow-free Davos had to change plans quickly as the winter weather finally arrived at the Swiss ski resort. But despite the cold conditions, the overall tone is bullish at the World Economic Forum so far. And being a bear can have adverse consequences.

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    Another year another WEF. Another chance to experience the almost surreal meet of the world's most powerful people. A meet where any pretence that business, academia, economics and politics are separate entities is dropped. As a journalist I get unparalleled access to almost everyone who is currently espousing the latest ideas of how to make us all better off and who is equally telling us how to avoid up-coming disasters.

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