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Trans-am and Shoes

The gang is making deals in The Big Easy. This Mamma needs a new pair of shoes, and Jeff needs to buy this 1970s gem. Will they come to an agreement?

We're Back

They're back! "The Car Chasers" returns this fall for a brand new season of finding, fixing and flipping cars.

The muscle car is the basis for an entire subculture. Check out these 10 classics from Total Car Score's Karl Brauer.

Hot rods thrive on being powerful, tricked out and souped up. Feast your eyes on some of the most outrageous cars ever seen.

Checking brake pads and rotors might sound hard, but technician Eric Ables says it's actually pretty simple.

Movies fade from memory, but a cool car is forever. Here's 10 cars whose memories hung around long after the credits rolled.

Everyday resources that can be turned into fuel components may be sitting in a garbage can, recycling bin or landfill.

Durable Goods a Mixed Bag; Confidence Gauge Shows Lift

Owner Jeff Allen, star of CNBC Prime's "The Car Chasers," has dealt in used cars for decades. Here he shares some basic tips for buying a used car.

Everyday drivers can now buy the experience of driving a supercar for a few laps. It’s over quickly, but it’s exhilarating and unforgettable.

Meet The Team

  • Jeff Allen, the owner of Flat 12 Gallery in Lubbock, Texas, will find any excuse to find, fix, and flip a classic car. If it's got an engine, Jeff has a plan.

  • Perry Brandt is definitely Jeff's right hand man at Flat 12. His expertise ranges all the way from delivering complex body work and custom detailing, to dazzling Jeff with his skillful engine modification abilities.

  • Not only is Meg Jeff's partner she's also been his longstanding financial advisor, but she is far from the typical moneyman: her abundance of car wisdom sometimes, even outshines the guys.

  • Don't let his awkward demeanor fool you, Eric Ables knows what he's talking about when it comes to the inner workings of a car.

About The Car Chasers

Jeff Allen travels the country looking to buy and sell cars. Whether it’s a rare Shelby Mustang or a vintage hot rod, the key is buy low and sell high, something that doesn’t always happen. Selling cars is a dangerous business…but perhaps there’s no greater danger than negotiating with your own dad.

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