Stephane Kasriel, UpWork CEO | Fortt Knox

To make ends meet and improve their quality of life, lots of people are joining the gig economy, or doing other kinds of temporary work. These observations about the state of work and the economy led me to a conversation with Stephane Kasriel, the CEO of Upwork. Upwork is a digital platform where people who have skills can put those skills out for hire, either by the project or on a longer-term basis. I met Stephane at CNBC’s Productivity at Work event, where he gave a talk about how employment is changing. We took it further, to talk about geopolitics, his journey as an executive, and what today’s workers need to know to seize control of their careers. Rich ideas and powerful people: CNBC's Jon Fortt brings you closer to the entrepreneurs and executives who are crafting the future in technology and beyond.
Tue, Jan 8 20192:55 PM EST