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Suffering in Silence: A Mindful Reminder of the Importance of Mental Health

Eight months into the pandemic, our nation deeply divided and enduring a long-overdue reckoning with systemic racial injustice, studies show isolation, anxiety and depression surging, even as access to traditional mental health services gets disrupted by distancing and funding challenges. Employers offering generous mental health benefits see enormous challenges identifying which employees most need help – and that's only gotten tougher in an all-remote or hybrid work environment. But, as a community, companies must confront the crisis head-on. And HR leaders are the tip of the spear. So, for some fresh solutions we look to Grammy nominated singer/songwriter and best-selling author, Jewel, who channeled her own emotional strife into a powerful science-based platform that's powering mental wellness programs for the corporate giants including Kroger and Saks.
Fri, Nov 13 20209:58 AM EST