What Taliban rule means for Afghanistan's economy

What Taliban rule means for Afghanistan's economy

After a 20-year absence from power, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan at a speed that shocked the world. CNBC explains what this could mean for the future of Afghanistan.
Thu, Sep 9 20215:06 AM EDT

After a 20-year absence from power, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan — a move that was met with outrage by much of the international community.

Human rights concerns bring into question the billions of dollars in foreign aid from Western countries which keep the Afghan economy afloat.

"The situation we're looking at, it means that Afghanistan's formal economy is likely to crash," CNBC Middle East Correspondent Natasha Turak said. "This would mean a humanitarian crisis, a refugee crisis and political instability that is far worse than what we're already seeing."

Watch the video above to learn how the Taliban government may attempt to plug its enormous funding gap.