Wayne "Butch" Gilliam

West Texas Investors Club Host

Wayne "Butch" Gilliam is widely known as one of the most reputable pipe salesmen in Permian Basin. He is currently co-owner of Patriot Premium Threading Services.

Gilliam dropped out of high school at 15 years old to work at Curley's, his father's machine shop. He started at the ground floor as a "shop-sweep," where he kept the shop clean by sweeping and shoveling up metal shavings. Gilliam worked day and night during the oil boom of the 1980's and was quickly promoted to machinist and later, became president of the company. Gilliam used the knowledge gleaned from his years spent at every level of the business to grow the company from a relatively modest fishing tool manufacturing and repair machine shop to an expansive pipe yard. He later sold Curley's for a significant profit.

Butch continues to build, invest and operate companies across many industries including mining, technology, consumer products and real estate. He holds a board position on West Texas Ltd., the investment group he started with his friend and business partner Rooster McConaughey.

His biggest deal ever came in 2004, where he purchased the patent on a relatively obscure flush-joint connection for $200,000 – and then sold it for $100,000,000 in 2006.