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Hugh Thompson, CTO, Symantec, said when looking at Bitcoin, it's the distributed ledger that has his attention.

President Trump's UN speech should have stressed sanctions

Nancy Soderberg, former UN ambassador and deputy National Security Advisor at the White House under President Clinton, says President Trump's UN speech should have stressed letting North Korea sanctions work.

Ian Davis, chairman, Rolls-Royce, says the company's supply chain is deep into continental Europe with Airbus its biggest customer.

Fu Chengyu , former chairman, Sinopec, said he expects the 19th party Congress in China will give investors more clarity on China's views supporting global trade.

Takumi Shibata, president and CEO, Nikko Asset Management, says the firm wants to help in finding "small pockets" of investment opportunities and spread risk.

EU has to be strengthened in major areas: Opposition lawmaker

Christian Lindner, leader of Germany's Free Democratic Party (FDP), speaks about the European Union and the Greek debt crisis.

Deutsche Bank hurt by negative interest rates: Deutsche Bank's Cryan

Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan discusses central bank monetary policy.

Christian Lindner, leader of the Free Democratic Party (FDP), speaks about what his party has to offer ahead of the German federal election this month.

A lot of banking jobs will be automated: Deutsche Bank CEO

John Cryan, CEO of Deutsche Bank, says jobs in finance which require people to act like robots are most easily replaced, but there's an opportunity to "upskill" such positions.

With large U.S. companies aligned with the climate change agenda, Peter Voser, chairman of ABB Group, says he's hopeful the U.S. could eventually return to being a part of the Paris Agreement.

Consistent GDP growth in Japan shows Abenomics is lifting the economy, says Nobuyuki Hirano, group CEO of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group.

John McFarlane, chairman, Barclays, says the North Korea crisis will be brewing for some time as the prospect of talks seems remote.

Richard Fisher, senior advisor at Barclays, says the tensions on the Korean Peninsula are complicated to diffuse, but China will be key to achieving a resolution.

Global growth prospects are driving markets more than volatility risks such as North Korea, says Jean Lemierre, chairman, BNP Paribas.

We were surprised by whistleblowing probe: Barclays chairman

Barclays Chairman John McFarlane says Jes Staley, the bank's CEO, has come back strongly despite facing a regulatory probe.

Marc Faber, editor of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, weighs in on the outlook for emerging markets and says the sentiment about China is turning more positive.

Some Chinese companies that previously struggled to turn a profit are doing well this year as Beijing's effort to curb overcapacity gives pricing power, says Jing Ulrich, managing director and vice chair, Asia Pacific, J.P. Morgan Chase.

Thomas Finke, CEO of Barings, says investors should be aware of disruption in companies or sectors and how they manifest in the economy so they can manage risks.

Mike Milken: We need to develop new jobs

With 60 percent of the global population in Asia, there needs to be more focus on building a positive environment for those communities, says Mike Milken, chairman of the Milken Institute.

What's to come in China's bitcoin crackdown?

China's cryptocurrency crackdown could be a temporary move to monitor initial coin offerings, but bitcoin exchanges may still be banned, says Zennon Kapron of Kapronasia.

iPhone X's use of new screen could explain launch delay: analyst

Supply issues with the new OLED screens could explain the delayed iPhone X release date but sales of Apple handsets still likely to increase in 2018, says Tay Xiaohan of IDC.

Apple's latest iPhone is likely too expensive to make a big dent in emerging Asia, but older models will see price cuts in a strategy to bring new iOS users into the fold, says Ishan Dutt, research analyst, Canalys.

Wesley Clark, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, says that getting a third party to hold back channel talks between the U.S. and allies and North Korea would be a good "near-term" strategy.

Wesley Clark, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, says that for the U.S. allies to get down to talks with North Korea means "letting some of the air out of the balloon."

David Holyoke, global head of Business Travel, Airbnb, says that the site has "curated" a list of homes ready to handle the needs of business travelers.

Hainan: A Chinese tropical playground for the ultra-rich

CNBC's Emily Tan gives an inside peek at Hainan, an island that offers all the delights of balmy weather, tropical scenery, golden beaches and an endless selection of high-end resort living.

Hurricane Irma’s impact on insurers

Andy Worth, executive director for insurance at EY, weighs in on how big of an event the two Hurricanes encircling the States and the Caribbean could be on the insurance sector.