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Tariffs and embargoes 'hurt the entire supply chain'

Complex global supply chains make tariffs or embargoes "blunt" instruments in trade policy, says Bryan Goh of Bordier & Cie.

Netflix has plenty of room to raise prices 'in the coming year'

Over the "next decade or so," Netflix could possibly reach one billion subscribers, says David Kretzmann of The Motley Fool.

Russia response to any US plans for Syrian military action is 'criitcal'

The extent of any U.S. response to a suspected chemical weapons attack by Syria against a rebel-held town is likely still under discussion, says Sam Heller of the International Crisis Group.

Xi Jinping's remarks to the Boao Forum were well anticipated

President Xi Jinping was expected to push for removing trade barriers into China and the markets are reacting favorably, says Hao Hong of Bank of Communications International.

China could take some US advice out of the current trade spat

China could take some advice from the U.S. including calls for a more flexible exchange rate and opening up sectors of the economy, says Jiming Ha of CF40.

Cooling off period needed between China and the US: Professor

Now that the stakes have been raised on both sides, it is going to be difficult for the U.S. and China to walk it back, says Eswar Prasad of Cornell University.

Why this strategist says it is a 'bunny market' right now

The market has been "hopping up and down" from day to day and this presents an opportunity for active managers and longer-term investors, says Jeffrey Kleintop of Charles Schwab.

This analyst is still bullish on India's smartphone market

Ishan Dutt of Canalys explains why there is going to be a "massive push on the demand side" for smartphones in India over the next five years.

Why the proposed Trump-Kim summit should be cancelled: Professor

"Giving a summit to the North Koreans is already a massive concession on the American part," says Robert Kelly of Pusan National University.

Amazon may have wittingly 'poked the bear': Analyst

Jeff Bezos has taken a political stance through the Washington Post and President Trump could have "a personal vendetta" to get back at the Amazon CEO, says D.R. Barton of Money Morning.

The window to avoid a trade war is closing: Former ambassador

It's getting down to the point where it's going to be "very, very difficult" to avoid a trade war, says Max Baucus, former U.S. ambassador to China.

Indonesia's former finance minister on cryptocurrencies

Muhamad Chatib Basri, Indonesia's former minister of finance, discusses what central banks and regulators can do to deal with the rise of cryptocurrencies.

Many online businesses are actually looking for offline partners, says Anthony Ang of Sasseur Asset Management.

Facebook is "a trivial use of modern technology and one that's rather sinister," says Jim Mellon of the Burnbrae Group.

Investors have to take into account how long the rise in technology stocks went on for before talking about when the drop is going to stop, says Eric Kuby of North Star Investment Management.

"Many, many more people" in the United States could be hurt by a trade war, says Christopher Pissarides of the London School of Economics and a Nobel laureate.

Gary Ngan of Meitu also speaks about striking the balance between personalizing the user experience and protecting user data.

The "new rule" of success is co-developing new technologies in China, generating technology in China with Chinese partners, says Laurent Guyot of Thales China.

It's 'much more on the US side' where actions could be taken: Economist

The increase in U.S. government expenditure and wages in the country are likely to drive up American demand for imports, says Simon Baptist of the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Understanding how technology has been a boon for healthcare

Devices such as wearables have allowed for the era of "well care not sick care," says futurist Chris Riddell.

Why the US trade deficit is going to widen: Former RBI governor

Raghuram Rajan, former governor of the Reserve Bank of India, explains how the U.S. fiscal stimulus will end up causing its trade deficit to widen.

Trade tensions unlikely to affect China's rollout of 5G: Researcher

China's domestic market remains "huge" and its telecoms are likely to build networks locally before exporting the expertise overseas, says Colin McCallum of Credit Suisse.

Announcement of Li Ka-Shing's retirement is 'almost symbolic': Professor

The announcement symbolizes Li's confidence in business continuity, says Joseph Fan of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

'Free trade vs protectionism' likely to be high on G20 agenda: Professor

"There is no question" that the G-20 is going to address "the key point of free trade versus protectionism," says Fariborz Moshirian of UNSW Business School at the University of New South Wales.

The impact of sluggish smartphone sales on Broadcom

Samsung's S9 is likely to sell below expectations based on the sales figures of Apple's iPhone X, says Ray Wang of Constellation Research.

A new economic adviser in the US 'doesn't really matter': strategist

President Trump is likely to push through a "protectionist" agenda despite Larry Kudlow's appointment, says Nicolas Sopel of RHB Research Institute Singapore.

A trade war in the short term is 'not likely,' says economist

Although a trade war isn't likely in the short term, momentum will build overtime and China "will face a tremendous challenge," says Andy Xie, an independent economist.