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Biggest Jobless Rate Declines

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Where Jobless Rates Declined

There’s growing impatience about subpar job creation as well as stubbornly high unemployment, even as the economy recovers. After months of improvement, the national jobless rate has moved sideways recently, stuck around 9 percent.

On a state level, the picture is mixed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 42 states and the District of Columbia reported jobless rate decreases between May 2010 and April 2011. Only five states registered increases, while there were three unchanged.

More than a few, however, have posted sizable declines in their jobless rates, which is good news for workers and employers.

Here are the ten biggest annual declines and the states in which they took place. Click ahead to see if your state makes the cut.

By Jennifer Leigh Parker, Special for CNBC.com
Posted 27 June 2011

Photo: bravobravo | Vetta | Getty Images