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McDonald's "Fishes" For Social Responsibility

McDonald’s is calling for corporate social responsibility in response to a dwindling seafood population. The company is one of the world’s leading buyers of white fish – and it has teamed up with environmental group Conservation International to make sure their classic Filet O’ Fish sandwich isn’t drying up the ocean’s food supply. Vice President for McDonald’s Corporate Social Responsibility Bob Langert was on “Squawk Box” to talk to Becky Quick about the initiative.

Langert says Mickey D’s wants to be a leader in social and environmental issues that are affected by their product purchasing. Their goal is to buy with sustainability in mind. There are two reasons for their approach: Doing the right thing is important – and it makes good business sense. “We save money by saving natural resources,” he says.

Fish has been on the McDonald’s menu for 40 years. The fast-food giant buys 120 million pounds a year.