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Wheels Up


Warren Buffett and Becky Quick are on their way to China.  Buffett's private jet took off a short time ago from Omaha.  Becky emailed this "postcard from the road" just before departure:

Ok, we're on the tarmac, about to take off. Five of us on board -- some folks from Nebraska Furniture Mart (a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary) are hitching a ride. They're looking for sofas and upholstery in China.

Next stop: Anchorage, Alaska.

And we're looking forward to breakfast soon!

Becky & Buffett

Here's video of Buffett and Becky heading to the plane and on board just before takeoff.

Becky will continue to report on her experiences On the Road with Warren Buffett both on CNBC's Squawk Box (6a-9a ET weekdays) and here on Warren Buffett Watch.

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